Who we are

True Wheels UK was created in 2011 to support local cycling clubs especially the youth scene. Apart from supplying good value cycle gear to club members we specialise in the supply of  hand built wheels which come with a guarantee of quality in build and componentry and with the assurance of an after sales service. The personal experiences and qualities which have led us to this business are outlined below.

Building wheels:  he has worked in cycle retail for over 30 years recently and is known locally to many for the outstanding quality of his hand built wheels. As a para-athlete he won a World’s road race silver medal for Britain and holds many, still standing, tandem records from the British time trial scene. Super power: builds almost invincible wheels.

Doing everything else: he has been a leisure and racing cyclist for over 30 years and is  a British Cycling Coach Educator delivering training to would be cycle coaches. He is a Level 3 track coach, one of only 7 in the country at the time of writing and was Sussex Coach of the Year in 2008. In 1999 he helped establish Preston Park Youth Cycle Club [PPYCC]; the largest British Cycling Go Ride club in the South East. Super power: faster than sound advice always given.

Ebay store: we also have an Ebay store with items which are usually not available in your local bike shop (LBS). For all other items we recommend you go to your LBS.

Preston Park, Brighton: we are both based at Preston Park in Brighton the home to the UK’s oldest velodrome. Between us we have experience of a wide remit within the sport including having raced track, road, time-trial, cross and mtb.


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